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mary poppins-mary/bert-jolly holiday

Oh, it's a Jolly Holiday

The first week of school has been pretty good. I'm taking this amazing elective class with my favorite teacher that's basicaly going to be about movies. It's great. I'm not sure how open to suggestions she is, but I'm difinately going to be suggesting. Oh, and it may include tv. !!!!!!! A dream come true. Then there's a writing class where every free write we've done so far has wound up with me talking about a tv show or sophomore year of high school. *shudder* Though I suppose that that's reasonable takeing into consideration what I know about them now. Oh nevermind.

I'm still sort of lamenting that I can't be a normal person with normal friendships with people my own age. My best friends are all sophomores and college kids and grown ups. I guess I just don't understand why age differce is always considered such a big thing to people. Or maybe it isn't and it's just a thing to me. Ahh, well.

Spent all of Saturday watching tv. Mostly The Nanny, then I burned through a whole disk of JAG. I LOVE harm/mac.

Yesterday I went to a movie with my youth group. We went to see a sing-along version of Mary Poppins (hence the Mary/Bert icon). I forgot how awesome that movie was until yesterday. I spent the rest of the day yesterday reading fanfiction for it, and looking up videos on youtube. I know, slightly lame. But still ridiculously fun for the dork I am.


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