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Today was one of those days

So was yesterday


About Me My name is Rachael. I'm a 16-year-old sophomore and I'm pretty happy with my life right now. My parents bug me sometimes, but everyone's parents bug them, and they wouldn't be parents if they didn't. I love to sing and I always have a song stuck in my head. I watch enough TV to make my eyes glaze over and don't study nearly as much as I should for the Honors classes I'm taking.

I Like Bones. Emily Dershanel. NCIS ("It's like Chip and Dales, without the bow ties of mussels"). Cote DePablo (Pretty). Pauley Perette (an all-around really cool person). Chuck (hilarious). The West Wing (One of the most well written shows ever, plus great ships and one of my favorite cities). Janel Maloney (great actress). Allison Janney (she's funny). Richard Shift (his mannerisms amuse me, plus he's just cool). Bradley Whitford ("But all along it'd be a lie, because of how hansome you are"). Aaron Sorkin (If I could write dialoge like this man I would never ask for another thing in my life). 30 Rock. Tina Fey. Ugly Betty. America Ferrea. Criminal Minds. JAG. Stephanie Meyers (ditto Aaron Sorkin, only romance instead of dialoge). Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn. Zooey Dershanel (Tin Man). House M.D. Pirates of the Caribbean (Hot JD). Juno (squeee!). Diablo Cody (another amazing writer). Ellen Page. Meagan McCafferty(yeat another great writer). Sloppy Firsts. Second Helpings. Charmed Thirds.

Ships Josh/Donna (finally), CJ/Toby (They had it good there for a while). Jack/Elizabeth ("You're going to want it"). Gibbs/Abby ("Haven't told the father yet, it's Gibbs"), Tony/Ziva. Booth/Brennen, Angela/Hodgins. Harm/Mac. Edward/Bella ("I already know how strong you are, you don't need to break the furniture"). Juno/Bleaker ("The cheese to my macaroni").

Friends I love having new friends. Please leave me a bit of a note so I at least know that you're friending me and why (what fandoms we have in common, how we know each other). I'll probably friend you back.

Credit Credit for my layout goes to minty_peach. Credit for my profile code goes to ohsokitschy.

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