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Turkey and Fair

So right now my dad is in the kitchen making Turkey. And Mashed potatoes and stuffing and there is pumpkin pie to be had as well. He was so sad not to have gotten a chance to make Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving that now we're having it again. So I'm sitting here telling you all about it instead of doing my homework like I'm supposed to. I have three projects that I haven't started and things to do for senior project, Literary Magazine, and the plays I'm in. Yeah, two of them. I pretend to be annoyed with all the stuff I got myself into, but I really love it

Today was school's Winter Fair. It was adorable!!! They had shops set up all throughout the grade school and games for the little kids including a cookie house, fishing, a fairy house, the playground, a really cute puppet show, and just overall awesomeness and excitement. I did all the little kid stuff that I'm not supposed to do because I'm a big kid now. It was fun. Then there was choir. Choir performed in one of the side rooms and it was really fun. I kind of wanted to punch my director in the face, but that's beside the point.

The weather's getting colder and I heard a rumor of a freak snowstorm here in San Fran, so I'm kind of excited. My friends back in Jersey are all probably going to have a snow day tomorrow and for that I am extremely jealous. Anyone else who has snow right now, send some of it my way and I will be eternally grateful.

Well, off to make green bean casaroll and have Trevor be a welcome distraction from homework.


I wish it was thanksgiving again I miss the turkey

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