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I like you Mary, You've got Spunk.

So today I had a Drama class with my Senior class. We were doing this skit where we had two people standing up there and we gave then Superhero names. So I shout out, "Peripheral Vision Man" from Studio 60. The one guy literally takes it and runs with it. Looking off into the distance and shouting how they need to save the cat from out of the tree and pointing over his shoulder. It was so much fun!

Then this afternoon I went to see the Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary edition. O.M.G. It was phenomenal. Of course it was the same story, and the same everything, it was just really exciting to be seeing it all over again and on the big screen. It's been a really long time since I saw it and there were a few things I had forgotten. It's still a great movie and probably one of my all time favorites ever. Love, love, love. Oh, and I never got how that winged monkeys were so creepy. Did you guys read the book? Didn't you know they were coming?

The other exciting thing is that I just figured out how many tv shows on DVD I have. I didn't know that I had 15. This is of course including the newest additions. Studio 60 for my birthday. Two seasons of The Nanny from my friend, and season 1 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show because it was only 20 dollars. TMTMS is one of my new favorites. I even convinced my friend to buy it for herself. It makes me sad though that there's literally nothing about it. All I've found is a little site that had some behind the scenes pictures and episode summaries. NO FANFICTION! Can you believe it? Not even on FF.net! It's such a great show. And it has the favorite relationship that never happens too! Well, I guess there's not all THAT much tension and what-not, but I rather like to think of Mary/Lou. Though I suppose that may just be me.


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