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The Tortise and the Hair

I got my hair cut today. It's a pretty interesting story actually, because the only reason I got a haircut is because someone took Taylor's seat in my first class. He was playing with his scissors that he had because of a sewing class we have this afternoon. It went something like this:
Me: Taylor, you shouldn't be cutting things other than fabric with fabric scissors, it will dull the blade.
Taylor: But these aren't fabric scissors, they're regular scissors, they're just really sharp so they work on fabric too. Watch, I can cut paper. And tissue. And your hair... can I cut your hair?
Me: Not right now.
Taylor: *sadface*
Me: You can cut it at lunch though.

So for the rest of the morning there were people telling me that I shouldn't do it because Taylor dosen't know what he's doing (which I found out later was the real truth compared to what he was saying that he'd cut SO many people's hair before).

Then we got to lunch and we went out by the parking lot and he cut my hair. There's actually about two inches cut off and my mom didn't really notice. I really like it. And Taylor keeps saying that it's not done yet, and he has to finish cutting the back because the layers aren't right or something. But I think it looks great. Pictures under the cut to protect any with dial-up. (p.s. does dial-up even exist anymore?) Also under the cut: my birthday crown per-request.

A pretty shot.

And the crown. I pretty nice looking one for only half an hour spent working on it.

Glee tonight!


Ohhh so pretty!
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