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"I'll be glad when school starts"

So justspaz, with her epicly long summer post inspired me to make my own. Considering that I start school stuff on Tuesday today's as good a day as any to get all my summer stuff out there. So here goes...

July 5th was my first day of camp. The first week was a canoeing and backpacking trip that can basically be summed up in one quote from my friend Marina, "Hey Bean, if I fall off the cliff would that be an automatic fail?" The answer of course was yes. Other than that week one was the creator of so many you-had-to-be-there type jokes it's a little ridiculous. We pretended we were the cast of That 70's Show and went around the circle saying random crap. We went through an amazing amount of riddles and just overall had a great time.

The second and third weeks were filled with lessons on how to deal with misbehaving children, how to recognize abuse, and how to be an overall awesome camp counselor. We planned activities and lessons for little kids classes and it was overall amazing.

The fourth week was probably the most interesting of all. I think I cried every single day because I was so stressed. I was finishing assignments that were epicly late, but I got it all done. I did more Sailing and ropes course elements that I thought were possible in a week. The best part of week four was having my own cabin of ten-year-olds. For 4 days I was totally in charge of them. It was exhausting, it was terrifiying, but most of all it was immensely exciting. It's amazing how they were looking up to me and even more amazing how many questions they asked. Sometimes they asked reasonable questions, but sometimes they were just random. So then on Friday I graduated the program that makes me a counselor now. So next year I will be there for 8 weeks and I will have all the exhaustion and adoration that was my last week this year for at lest five of those weeks. I can't wait!!

And so cam the last day of camp where I swore to my friends that we would see each other over the year.  When I literally begged and cried asking my mom to let me stay, and I really do with she would have let me, buuut Mom and I had to drive our car from New Jersey to California since we live in San Francisco now.  So we drove.  I thought it was going to be horribly awkward, but it wasn't so bad.  We stopped in Chicago where I visited the college that I think I'm going to go to, then my Uncle came out of nowhere and practically attacked me.  It was so great to see him since it's probably been three years since I've seen him.  So we walked around Chicago, then we went and ate a whole pizza just between the two of us.  Best day ever.

And this post is getting a little long soo...

Now I'm back in San Francisco, getting ready for school to start even though I don't think I'm ever going to be ready for my senior year.  I can't even believe I'm a senior, much less be ready for senior year.  I haven't seen anyone from school all summer, but thankfully I've been really busy.  To cope with not wanting to go back to school I've been watching a lot of tv.  It's so odd how I've been getting really into comedy lately.  Pysch, 30 Rock, and most of all The Nanny.  My friend got me totally hooked on The Nanny which is actually borderline lame, but so fun.  The best part is that now since I've watched so many episodes I can sing the whole theme song.

Yeah, My Nanny obbsession is reaching unpresidented levels, but I really don't care.  I probably watched about half the series (6 seasons) in the past two weeks.  Fran/Max makes me happy.  Did you know that the show started because Fran Dresher wanted to remake/change the movie The Sound of Music.  Isn't that crazy!?  Then there's Niles and CC which almost makes me mad.  I mean seriously, the endding just dosen't make much sense with the whole rest of the series.  My favorite character is probably Gracie.  I mean, she's so cute at first.  Then she gets smart which is still adorable.

Anyway.  I keep telling myself that school is going to be great.  But I'm really not sure anymore.  I mean, sure there's choir, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only senior (and Trevor, Britney, and Sophia are all abandoning me in choir).  There's a few cool lessons, but they're few and far between.  And I have to take a bunch of required art classes, so that sucks.  And what's worse, my closest friends are sophmores.  Why can't I have normal relationships with people my own age???  *headdesk*


Oh lord I love the Nanny, one of the best shows on Nick-At-Night. I remmeber my mom going on about it, and I only caught it on re runs on other channels before it cam to nick.

Uggggh school
It takes a magical kind of soul to be able to put up with a)little kids, b)little kids at camp, c)woods. At least in my opinion. So, go you!

And The Nanny was my show when I was younger. That, and the Golden Girls. I think I did my first shipping for the Nanny. So fabulous. Especially the grandma and her shiny jackets.
Aww thanks! It's like, my favorite place in the world.

I vaguely remember watching it when I was little too. As a matter of fact, I just watched an episode that I can clearly remember from when I was like, 8.
Great power to ya, and points for upstate NY. And you. :D

There are some moments I just can remember so perfectly, like when Coolie guest starred as a guy who 'wrapped' presents really well, haha. Oh, tv.
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